8th-21st July 2019
3 Silent Street, Ipswich
Luminous is an installation that is an extension of Geometric Illumination the installation exhibited at the degree show, Nexus (2019).
To create this installation Forsythe had to accommodate the surroundings at 3 Silent Street, whilst acknowledging that the piece will be seen from the windows. Forsythe accepted that the conditions were very different from how she has presented her light art before and decided to work with the building's pre-existing architecture.
The shadows are evident whilst immersed in the space and looking through the window into the space as well as her important incorporation of the multi-sensory lights.
Forsythe’s past installations have been very considerate of audience participation, integrating motion sensor lighting and other sensory mechanisms. This installation still utilises the motion sensor lights but in a very different manner. Some of the lights are only triggered by entering the space and a couple of the lights are placed by the windows to be triggered by passers-by. This new presentative way of displaying the lights near the windows creates a commercial window display narrative. Something Forsythe decided whilst creating her installation.​​​​​​​
Staying true to her Minimalism interest, Forsythe decided to utilise her handmade wooden-geometric frames again. Within the space are three new resin sculptures that she has made. The three sculptures are a small clue regarding what she is creating next.
Forsythe has integrated a lot of new elements within her installation. She has showcased three new sculptures that utilise more than one colour of light-reactive resin. She has also exhibited a new way of presenting her work as almost all her frames are suspended, and one frame slightly moves due to the slight draft that enters underneath a door.  
She has utilised four floodlights within the space, two emit UV lighting to activate the resin pieces and the other two are coloured LED lights. One side of the room is flooded with a red and purple hue of colour that disperses into the second half of the room which has a lilac and blue tint. From afar looking in the installation stands out. The installation was made to be viewed after dark which is the best time to view it. After the floodlight’s timers go off the room is left glowing as the light reactive pigment illuminates the space.

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