Bobby Forsythe
*1997 in Ipswich, England
Lives and works in Ipswich, England
Bobby Forsythe is an artist from Britain who holds a degree in Fine Art from the University of Suffolk and an MA in Art History and Theory from the University of Essex. In 2020, she established the collective "Supporting the Arts" and organised annual exhibitions to promote and showcase local and international artists.
Bobby's professional work focuses on celebrating materiality and human interaction. After extensive research, she has discovered the importance of beholder participation and interaction, which can be experienced through various bodily communications within a space, rather than just tactile or visual. In the past, Bobby has created large-scale motion sensor artworks that depict two stages of experience.
Currently, Bobby is fascinated with resin and its fluorescent capabilities, and her latest creations concentrate on the physicality and structure of resin. While she has used resin in past installations, it was more as a component of an ensemble rather than standalone artwork. Bobby has developed a range of two-dimensional resin paintings that incorporate light and shape, which are also evident in her larger-scale works.
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