Bobby Forsythe
*1997 in Ipswich, England
Lives and works in Ipswich, England
Bobby Forsythe is a visual artist based in Suffolk, England. Forsythe creates environments that emphasise spatiality and experience for the beholder. The environments she creates are influenced by the phenomenon of immersive installations allowing for the beholder to interact and immerse themselves in a room of three dimensional shape and light. She occasionally creates two dimensional paintings that celebrate colour and the incorporation of light through various shades and tones. Forsythe’s art is not representational of any particular subject. Her work is a celebration of the medium, colour and experience that the work exemplifies.
Solo Exhibitions
 2019 - ''Luminous'' - 3-5 Silent Street
Group Exhibitions
2019 - ''Switch'' - Space Colchester
2019- ''Blue'' - 142 Hamilton Road
2019 - ''Nexus'' - University of Suffolk
2019 - ''Bardo'' - University of Suffolk
2018 - ''Beneath the Skin'' - University of Suffolk
2018 - ''Change Lines'' - University of Suffolk
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