Bobby Forsythe
*1997 in Ipswich, England
Lives and works in Ipswich, England
Bobby Forsythe is the founder of the collective Supporting the Arts, established in 2020 in response to the pandemic, and curates annual exhibitions that support both local and international artists. She graduated from studying Fine Art at the University of Suffolk and holds an MA in Art History and Theory, achieved at the University of Essex.
She has been a practicing artist since 2016 and has taken part in numerous curatorial and collaborative projects with fellow artists mainly within East Anglia. Bobby has worked with SPACE, Brick Lane Gallery, Artcore, IP1 Magazine, Art Habens, and independent curators. Her professional artistic practice and research specialise in human interaction and experience. Deriving inspiration from 20th-century philosophers, Bobby has created interactive-immersive light installations, exploring how the beholder experiences unusual spaces. She wrote a thesis conversing about what the art object is in essentially an objectless space, utilising 1960 art examples and referencing Michael Fried.
Forsythe is affiliated with the University of Suffolk, where she currently works as an art technician, and the University of Essex after completing her Art History MA. Alongside her creation, she interviews artists for local magazines, takes part in art podcasts, and writes art theory blog posts.
Group Exhibitions
2022 - "2022" - Supporting the Arts Instagram, Curator
2022 - "Art in Mind" - The Brick Lane Gallery
2021 - "2021" - Supporting the Arts Instagram, Curator
2020 - ''2020'' - Supporting the Arts Instagram, Curator
2020- ''Unseen'' - Artcore Gallery 
2019 - ''Switch'' - Space Colchester  
2019- ''Blue'' - 142 Hamilton Road
2019 - ''Nexus'' - University of Suffolk  
2019 - ''Bardo'' - University of Suffolk 
2018 - ''Beneath the Skin'' - University of Suffolk 
2018 - ''Change Lines'' - University of Suffolk

Solo Exhibitions
2019 - ''Luminous'' - 3-5 Silent Street
2020 - Transient . Instagram
2019 - Space Studios, Colchester

2022 - Podcast with Anum Farooq -
2022 - IP1 Issue 36, Magazine
2021 -  IP1 Issue 35, Magazine
2020 - Art Habens Art Review Special Edition, Art Habens - (
2019 - ''Geometric Irradiation'' - Bobby Forsythe
2019 - ''The Beholder as Object - The relationship between beholder and object in installation art'' - Bobby Forsythe
(Available on Academia)

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